All ACA Testimonials (226J and ACA Services)

  • Skid Row Housing Trust

    Skid Row Housing Trust

    "First Capitol reviewed our data, filed an extension on our behalf, and corrected the payroll mistake; completely eliminating the penalty."

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  • Hayward Unified

    Hayward Unified

    "Our initial penalty assessment was in the millions, but by the time First Capitol had finished recalculating our exposure, it was reduced to a fraction."

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  • Taco Bocci

    Taco Bocci

    "First Capitol Consulting is able to work with our complex payroll platform easily, and their dedicated consultants will actually notify our payroll company if they identify any data discrepancies in

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  • Peg | Lion

    Peg | Lion

    "First Capitol Consulting’s services aren’t limited to just ACA Compliance – they also helped us save on health care costs through their Optimal Health Program."

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  • Tavern Los Angeles

    Tavern Los Angeles

    "We highly recommend First Capitol Consulting — they have become a trusted partner of ours."

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  • Starboard Group

    Starboard Group

    "The most impressive part was that they were able to complete the response to the IRS within 30 days, while reducing the proposed penalty amount to just a few hundred dollars... a 99% reduction."

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  • GenMark Diagnostics

    GenMark Diagnostics

    "First Capitol Consulting removes the burden of having to retrieve, consolidate and validate employment and enrollment data by managing that process for us."

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  • Double Tree by Hilton

    Double Tree by Hilton

    "Our experience working with the FCCI team is exceptional. We highly recommend you consider making FCCI your provider of choice in addressing ACA compliance matters."

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  • Alphatec Spine

    Alphatec Spine

    "We depend on their expertise and support for our ACA filing and reporting requirements and they have never let us down."

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  • Capitol Care

    Capitol Care

    "I have been nothing less that completely satisfied with the services provided by First Capitol Consulting and would not hesitate to recommend them."

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  • Sunrise Engineering

    Sunrise Engineering

    "First Capitol Consulting went above and beyond when I asked them to review our internal ACA Policy."

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  • Alphaeon


    "ALPHAEON sees no reason to change providers and plans to continue our partnership with First Capitol Consulting. This truly is a wonderful company. "

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  • S.J. Distributors Inc.

    S.J. Distributors Inc.

    “First Capitol addressed the errors and reduced our penalty by 97%.”

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  • Statewide Conditioning

    Statewide Conditioning

    "We have no reservations vouching for the effectiveness of First Capitol’s ACA services."

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  • C&L Refrigeration

    C&L Refrigeration

    "Not only do their ACA Compliance services save us time and money but they also prepare our annual forms that need to be filed with the IRS in a timely manner."

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  • Global Security Concepts

    Global Security Concepts

    "Our payroll vendor wasn’t able to assist us to respond to the penalty notice, so we turned to Gregg and First Capitol."

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  • Brown & Brown Pizza Inc.

    Brown & Brown Pizza Inc.

    "They noticed a huge discrepancy in our payroll data."

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  • Temple City USD

    Temple City USD

    “A knowledgeable representative at First Capitol has always been available to assist us.”

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  • Super Vacations

    Super Vacations

    “We were thrilled when we received the response back from the IRS agreeing with our re-determination which eliminated our proposed penalty.”

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  • Baldwin Park USD

    Baldwin Park USD

    “First Capitol has become a trust advisor and resource for ACA compliance.”

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